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Manifesto for a responsible and sustainable tourism

The manifesto for a Responsible Tourism was founded on universal values and aligned with sustainability criteria promoted by organizations such as the GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council) and UNWTO (World Tourism Organization).

In our opinion, it is the most positive formula for those who appreciate and love a sustainable tourism. This is a declaration of intentions and an approach that we take with our properties to work with all those agents that contribute to a sustainable tourism in a constructive and solidaristic way.

Quartz Inn Hotels team launches a manifesto that is built on 9 fundamental principles so that tourist businesses can be competitive while exhibiting values of responsibility and commitment to the environment. 

If you support the same values we encourage you to sign the manifesto.

Main principles of the manifesto


Sustainability consciousness

Management of resources in a sustainable manner.

The management and efficient use of water and energy resources, consuming those that have the least impact on the environment and can be recycled. 


Properties or tourism companies that promote not wasting water and reduce a traveller's carbon footprint by promoting the use of transportation with low or no pollution emissions.

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Respect for different perspectives on the world.

Companies or properties that seek to eliminate obstacles that may exist due to gender, origin, religion, sexual orientation, economic situation, or any other factor.


We believe that projects should avoid sexism, offensive comments, or labels that negatively stereotype any group.


Supporting local businesses

Consumption of local products and services.

Use as many local products and services as possible to boost the economy of your destination. 

By strengthening the economy of a destination we influence the length of stay of the guests.


Conserve natural resources

Conservation of natural resources.

A business that promotes the conservation, protection and regeneration of the destination's ecosystems, ensuring the sustainable exploitation of the destination's aquatic and terrestrial resources and respecting the natural habitat of the fauna and flora, avoiding animal abuse or environmental destruction. 


Work closely with the sanitation and cleaning services promoted in the destination, so that there can be efficient waste management that can help control the impact of tourist businesses.

Respect Heritage and Infrastructures

Participate and assist in the efficient management of the Heritage and Infrastructures offered by the destination.


Invest in technology

Our commitment to new technologies and innovative methods contributes to the sustainability of territories through cost savings or better use of resources, information and communication.

As responsible tourism businesses, we believe that they enhance experiences through innovation and constant improvement of processes within interconnected ecosystems. 

Take care of Human Resources

Fair and decent working conditions make a positive impact in guests’ happiness.

Positive travel experiences are influenced by decent working conditions for workers.


As part of the manifesto, we consider it essential that all workers are treated with dignity and respect. 


Fair Pricing

Pricing policy that is competitive and adapted to the product.

To attract and retain customers, the best marketing strategy is to have a responsible price policy that ensures the customer is paying a fair price for a quality product. 

We recommend that all businesses have competitive prices that enhance their product value and are also synchronized with the economic capacity of their typical clients.

Work in Community

Respect values and traditions.

Any tourism business must enhance the culture and tradition of the host community.

Customs, gastronomy, linguistics, heritage, and cultural perspectives are crucial to any tourism project. 


Fostering tolerance and being a link between the traveller and the local culture is one of the policies and intangibles that any tourism project must contribute to the traveller and the community itself.

 Some of the companies that are supporting our manifesto:

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