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Miluna Open Nature Rooms
a member of Quartz Inn Hotels

(Hormigos, Toledo, Spain)

Miluna is an inviting combination of intimacy and the wildness of unspoilt nature.

A secluded spot in the open countryside with panoramic sky views where you can disconnect, from dusk to dawn, to the rhythm of nature.

La Almunia del Valle
a member of Quartz Inn Hotels

(Monachil, Granada, Spain)

The eco-hotel La Almunia del Valle, has an ideal location to get to know Granada and its main tourist attractions. It is located in a protected Natural Area of Sierra Nevada. A quiet area, of great beauty and views that can be seen from all rooms of the hotel. As close and as far as the visitor wants to feel from the city...


Ursa Mică Glamping Resort
a member of Quartz Inn Hotels