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Winners of the 2023 'GrINN Awards' for European sustainable tourism announced


We are thrilled to unveil the distinguished winners of the 2023 GrINN Awards for Sustainable Tourism! After a rigorous selection process that spanned 51 countries and 100 diverse categories, these extraordinary individuals and organizations emerged as pioneers at the forefront of sustainability and best practices in the tourism industry. From groundbreaking eco-friendly initiatives to community-driven projects, each winner has showcased an unwavering commitment to preserving our planet while providing enriching travel experiences. Explore their inspiring stories and innovative contributions as we celebrate the collective efforts shaping a more sustainable and responsible future for tourism. Join us in recognizing and applauding the outstanding achievements of the 2023 GrINN Awards winners!

See the list of 100 winners here

Awards organiser:


Alexander Zawadzki - Director & Co-founder of Quartz Inn Hotels

Jury members:

Francisco Rodríguez Mora - Head Chef at The Trout at Tadpole Bridge
Katie Ellam - CEO of Book Eco Hotels
Jolanta Dziewit - Director of Sustainability at  
Branislava Grbic - Global Sales Manager at Rosewood Hotel Group
Roeland Verhamme - CEO & Founder at Expect Me
Lidiia Tkachenko - Director & Co-founder of Quartz Inn Hotels
Ignacio Merino - Head of Strategic Partnerships at

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