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Quartz Inn Sustainability Awards

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European Tourism Awards 2022

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About GRINN Awards

  • Travel enthusiasts and experts have gathered together to recognize companies that excel in the field of sustainable travel, hospitality and tourism.

  • A transparent and fair judging process is designed to ensure that the winners are recognized based on merit.

  • Companies can nominate themselves or a member of their team for the GRINN AWARDS, justifying the reason of their nomination. To do so please visit the nomination form on our website.

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Why to participate in  GRINN Awards:

Travel is a rapidly growing industry, and while online reviews are great, a credible third-party endorsement is always beneficial and gives you extra credibility. Presenting the best sustainable achievements in the hospitality industry, we help you reach a wider audience on an international scale. Nominations are free of charge.

Meet the Jury

The award's organiser