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Agrotourism Kalpić
​a member of Quartz Inn Hotels

Kalpići 4, 22 221, Radonić, Croatia

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Travel Sustainable measures:


  • Recycling bins are available to guests and waste is recycled

  • Efforts to reduce their food wastage

  • Single-use plastic miniature shampoo, conditioner, and body wash bottles not used

  • Single-use plastic stirrers not used

  • Single-use plastic straws not used

  • Single-use plastic water bottles not used

  • Single-use plastic beverage bottles not used

  • Single-use plastic cups not used

  • Single-use plastic cutlery/plates not used


  • Option to opt-out of daily room cleaning

  • Option to reuse towels

Energy and greenhouse gases:

  • Most food provided at the property is locally sourced

  • Most lighting throughout the property uses energy-efficient LED bulbs

  • All windows are double-glazed

Read the full list of property's sustainable measures here

Agrotourism Kalpić

Agrotourism Kalpić found its place near Krka National Park and within easy reach of the old Dalmatian town of Šibenik, in the village Radonić. This village property will leave you breathless at the first sight, due to its respect for the old customs and tradition. This is not a typical country tale but rather a unique experience of Dalmatian hinterland where family atmosphere, authenticity and the loveliest feeling of becoming one with nature have the main role. The Kalpić family will give their best to make your stay memorable.


Far away from the city rush in the immediate vicinity of the most famous waterfall on the Krka River – Skradinskibuk, you will find peace and renew yourself. Untouched nature, rich Mediterranean flora and fauna are our ambience's essence. If you wish to go on a sea adventure, experience nice beaches and crystal clear sea you just have to travel 17 km from Kalpić. To see how life in Dalmatia and its hinterland truly feels like we recommend long walks, cycling, vintage or harvesting fruits and vegetables.

Family atmosphere:

This story, as everything else in life, for sure isn't a coincidence. Owner Ivan has always loved and appreciated his country estate which he inherited from his parents. He had an idea for a long time to make something, right at his birthplace, that would present his heritage and tradition which then his two daughters could keep alive, and so on. Ivana and Anita are boat captains, which today successfully sails on tourist waters and changes the Croatian agro-tourism image. What is certain is that the whole Kalpić family enjoys everything they do, which is recognized by many guests from all around the world. 


To truly have a real experience, we offer our guests accommodation. We can offer different type of accommodation: DOUBLE ROOMS - 17m2 (1 x double bed 160x200cm, with bathroom and terrace) FAMILY ROOMS - 34m2 (1 x double bed 160x200cm, 2 x single bed or sofa, with bathroom and terrace) APARTMENTS – 60m2 – for 6 pax (living room, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, terrace) There is a breakfast option including local specialties and delicacies which always amaze our guests.  

We look forward to welcoming you!


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Our breakfast 

Dalmatian cuisine is widely known for its recognizable tastes and aromas. At Agrotourism Kalpić you can have a true experience of local and authentic Dalmatian homemade products . We are always working hard to offer our guests the best quality and fresh ingredients and that’s why most of the ingredients we make by ourselves.

In our garden, to which the whole Kalpić family is extremely dedicated, everyday we harvest fresh vegetables and spices. Our hens every morning lay eggs in which our guests endlessly enjoy.

Wonderful aroma and irresistible taste of Dalmatian ham (prosciutto) and homemade salami, Dalmatian wines and homemade olive oil are delicacies which you can always find on our table.

Get to know local customs and culture through our homemade breakfast and recipes which we’ll gladly share with you.

Homemade dishes:

Our family story, home atmosphere and even homemade dishes. What keeps making our guests happy and what we care about the most is the food. Fresh fruits and vegetables which we grew with our own hands and harvested on our own land is something we are extremely proud of. Homemade authentic and traditional dishes are made according to our ancestors' recipes. In our kitchen, we also prepare the finest cakes and traditional sweets which guests absolutely adore! You will love our homemade olive oil and a rich selection of traditional wine sorts and liqueurs. We feed our animals so that our guests can taste eggs and meat from domestic production. Can it get any better than a rooster baked in a traditional way or prosciutto from Drniš? 

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Outdoor pool

Find a true summer refreshment in our lounge zone by the open outdoor pool. Spend your ideal time with a book or your favourite beverage and leave all your worries behind. There are loungers and sunshades by the pool for your perfect enjoyment.

our pool, there is fresh clean water that is being filtered every day. The pool is located in the back area of the estate so that our guests have complete privacy and an intimate atmosphere.

In our lounge zone by the outdoor pool, you can have an unforgettable vacation. Enjoy the long wanted peace surrounded by lovely green areas and untouched nature.

Besides the pool, there is also a hot tub and a sauna in the lounge zone.



Spa corner in the heart of untouched nature

Staying at idyllic village surroundings in the heart of untouched nature implies complete relaxation of mind and body as well as renewing of life energy. 

Big cities and today's lifestyles mostly result in people being largely exposed to stress. Many studies have shown that mood and concentration are better after spending some time in nature.

Because of this, an increasing number of our guests coming from large urban areas are choosing to spend their precious vacation at Agrotourism Kalpić, away from everyday worries, glowing asphalt and stressful daily rhythm.

Take some time to heal your body, relax at the hot tub, sauna or stay in good shape with training devices. If you wish to enjoy the sports in the countryside cycling would be the best option.

With our Spa corner on our Agrotourism Kalpić, you will have additional reasons for an unforgettable vacation in the heart of untouched nature.

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Parents are happy and relaxed when their children are cheerful and content. There are many reasons to be happy about the youngest at our estate.

Besides green nature, domestic animals and sand paths, there is also a playground for children right next to the main house at our estate. Children love to spend their time at slides and swings while parents enjoy their moments carefreely.