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Ursa Mică Glamping Resort
​a member of Quartz Inn Hotels

Punct Varful lui Bobes, Ciocanu 117356, Romania

Ph: +40 317 304 114

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Travel Sustainable measures:


  • The property makes efforts to reduce their food wastage

  • Water cooler/dispenser

  • Single-use plastic miniature shampoo, conditioner, and body wash bottles not used

  • Single-use plastic stirrers not used

  • Single-use plastic cups not used

  • Single-use plastic cutlery/plates not used


  • Water-efficient toilets

  • Water-efficient showers

  • Option to opt-out of daily room cleaning

  • Option to reuse towels

Energy and greenhouse gases:

  • Most food provided at the property is locally sourced

  • Most lighting throughout property uses energy-efficient LED bulbs

  • Key card or motion-controlled electricity

Destination and community:

  • Invests a percentage of revenue back into community projects or sustainability projects

  • Tours and activities organised by local guides and businesses offered

  • Local artists are offered a platform to display their talents

  • Provides guests with information regarding local ecosystems, heritage and culture, as well as visitor etiquette


  • Wild (non-domesticated) animals are not displayed/interacted with while captive on the property or harvested, consumed, or sold.

  • Green spaces such as gardens/rooftop gardens on the property

  • Most food provided is organic

  • Bicycle rental

  • Bicycle parking


Overlooking the last virgin forests of Europe, between two mountains of legend, Ursa Mică Glamping Resort opens up the Carpathian panorama. During the day the Bucegi rises up. Opposite side, the Piatra Craiului silhouette pierces the sky. At night, among the two, it’s only the stars and us. We invite you to watch nature in a new resolution: perfectly comfortable, glamping. Ursa Mică Glamping Resort is a preciously simple experience at the heart of nature.

On the shoulders of giants

The resort is located at 1200m altitude, in the Carpathian mountains, between the Piatra Craiului and Bucegi mountains and is spectacular at 360 degrees. Ursa Mică Glamping Resort can act as a base for one-day trips. Uncover the whole area by foot or bike.

The nature show is on 24/7: you can also get lazy and watch it from the platform, sauna or from inside the wooden hot tub.

There’s always some great info our staff can share about the top destinations: Cheile Zărneștiului, Bran Castle, Dâmbovicioara Cave, Cheile Dâmbovicioarei, Valea Cetații Râșnov Cave, Râșnov Citadel, Cheile Râșnoavei, Dino Parc, Bat Cave and the entire Piatra Craiului National Parc, Bucegi National Parc, traditional Romanian villages Ciocanu, Șirnea, Peștera, Măgura, Poiana Brașov, the Bear Reservation Zărnești, Nămăiești Monastery, Sinca Veche Monastery, The Trench warfare of the First World War.


Spectacular by nature

We’ve built this resort to make you feel right at home. But for us, it’s also a reminder that nature is actually that one home each of us is blessed to have.

This is why we source all our food products locally from the nearby small farms and sheepfolds, we power up using solar panels, and supply water from the Bucegi mountains.


Love & glamping under the Carpathian sky

We simply love sport and nature and discovered the glamping concept in Switzerland and Italy. It was wonderful to imagine it happening in Romania as well. In 2016 we made happen! The first glamping resort in our country with hundreds of guests (and counting). We were honored to see more entrepreneurs catching up with their version. We hope glamping keeps on growing responsibly and in perfect harmony with nature, as it should always be. 


At the end of 2016, we started to look for a new space for our bigger Ursa Mică Resort. After lots and lots of searches, our hearts pointed to Ciocanu village, and we became the proud owners of this enchanted place between the Piatra Craiului and the Bucegi Mountains. We wanted to preserve the lifelong work of the Oncioiu family. The house was reconditioned in traditional style on this property. With lots of love, work and support from wonderful people – ex-owners, employees, neighbours, friends, clients and family – our project kept on growing and here we are. Ursa Mică Glamping Resort is all about a community that wants to grow around authentic values.


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