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Miluna Open Nature Rooms
​a member of Quartz Inn Hotels

Cam. Valdecarretas, parcela 364, 45919 Hormigos, Toledo, Spain


We are young entrepreneurs. Friends for years, wich means we share the same philosophy of life and a way of envisioning projects. We love to live new experiences and we love them to be special.

Being nature and outdoor activities lovers, we wanted to do something different, something that we’d like to share, something that would make us disconnect from the stress of the city and at the same time would fill us with vitality through different activities.

And we created Miluna. A project full of hope and effort.

We are people who seek excellence in dealing with our clients, and what really unites us the most, is that we love making people happy.

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Hormigos, Toledo

Hormigos is a small town in Toledo (in Spain’s Castilla la Mancha region), situated in the heart of the countryside and free from light pollution. We carefully chose this location to ensure that your experience at Miluna would be as complete and enjoyable as possible.