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Quartz Inn Foundation

At Quartz Inn, sustainability is a top priority. Our goal is to reduce energy, water, CO2 emissions, and waste production.


Our aim is to achieve more stringent sustainability targets than those attained so far and emphasize innovation and sustainability as part of an overall guest experience in our hotels.

We plant trees for every new hotel and partner joining and we allocate a percentage of our income for reforestation and to preserve local cultures and the environment.

What We Do


We aim to be 100% single use plastic-free hotels. All of our hotels will not use single-use plastic products in their rooms.


We intend to plant a tree per each new hotel and partner joining our community, as well as per each reservation booked through our website, helping reforestation projects in the areas where our hotels are located.


Adopting a donation program (donating food leftovers and linens to charity)


Cooperation with local farms that deliver local produce, to reduce their food waste

Quartz GrINN label

Quartz Grinn is a label for excellence in the field of sustainability and environmental responsibility within the Quartz Inn Hotels and Resorts. Obtaining this label signifies that the Quartz Inn accommodation has committed to complying with the Quartz Grinn program's criteria.

Our guests are assured that by staying at Quartz Grinn they are making a positive impact on the environment. These establishments maintain high environmental standards through rigorous documentation and frequent audits. Quartz Grinn is eligible for any establishment.


Manifesto for responsible sustainable tourism

Quartz Inn Hotels team launches a manifesto that is built on 9 fundamental principles so that tourist businesses can be competitive while exhibiting values of responsibility and commitment to the environment.  ​ If you support the same values we encourage you to sign the manifesto.


Become GrINN

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