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Ink Hotels
​a member of Quartz Inn Hotels

1st Building Nikolaou Plastira 4A, 2nd Building Fotaki 10 Rethymno, Greece

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The Building of Ink that was used as a printing shop, was publishing the newspaper “ΑΓΩΝ” -Struggle- from the layer Fotakis that later became congressman and Athens prosecutor.

The central building known as “Europe House” was a unique guest house of the university of Crete. The university’s guests are professors, researchers that give important lectures with special meaning to the scientific & local community. Also, art exhibitions are part of the scene of Ink Hotel.

INK HOTELS - House of Europe - Phos 

Located under the shadow of imposing Fortezza fortress that pirate Barbarosa invaded and few steps from the sea and the medieval port of Venice merchandiser, that trades goods from all over the world.

Walking around the streets of Ink you will discover alleys that knights passing by with horses, little local luncheonette with delicious food, fresh salads and juices. And of course, this very alive area has hot bars that will serve you the most amazing frozen cocktails of summer!


Sustainability and Activities in the Nature

Organic Farm

Come and have a unique experience with us in Thallasses Villas biological garden. Plant with us and taste fresh bio vegetables in your daily breakfast, also every night you will have in your villa a basket of fresh and organic vegetables that have grown only with water.

Bike Tours

We can provide you a unique experience! Ask us to provide you with bicycles and explore routes around Crete!

Wine Production

The wine of Crete is worldwide famous. Come with us and explore how the production is done in Famous Wineries around Crete.

Wine tasting

Taste outstanding wines, distinct flavours and learn all about wine, ancient Greek wine culture and the unique varieties of Greece. Ask us for more information.

Learn the secrets of Cretan Cuisine!

Cretan cuisine is famous all over the world. It is a reference point of the Cretan tradition, as around our traditional cooking there are many professions, such as gardener, beekeeper, stockbreeder and others.

Basic elements of Traditional Cretan Cuisine are olive oil, honey, cheese, Cretan traditional pies and more.

So would you like to learn the secrets of our traditional cuisine in the comfort of your private villa? We can provide you with lessons from the best chefs of traditional Cretan Cuisine!


Running and Hiking

Ask us for routes in Crete. Explore the enchanting paths and enjoy the unique landscapes of Crete!

Exclusive Tour

Would you like a personal private tour around the history, mythology and culture of Crete? Contact us for more information.


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